Satire?  Or is it?

 You be the judge. 
Someone has to act as an independent, nonpartisan judiciary.


A. Get outta here!  I already arm wrestled Jesse 
for this plate of hash.
B.  Would you buy a used blue plate special from this man?
C. So you want this cup of scalding hot coffee in your lap 
AND one million dollars?

Equal Time Response

"It's amazing what computer enhanced photos can appear to be. That wasn't Norm Coleman, but actually Bernie Wenker eyeing my food at Food Services in 1971. Nick"

Nan:  "Hey guys!  Listen to my talking dog.   
OK, Dundee, who did you vote for?"

Dundee:  "RALF!"

Audience:  "Yeah, yeah.  And we suppose 
the outside of a tree is covered in BARK!  
We're outta here."

Dundee:  "What, I should have voted for Gore?" 



Bob Hits Bottom!

Antarctica claimed for Free Scouts!
Three times around Cape Horn.
Sater redefines frigid.
Back already.  Advises Arnesen and 
Bancroft to try his travel agent.


Website in Peril!
Apartment to Sublet.

Participate in real survey!
Download questionnaire and e-mail your 
answers to Steve Lang.
(complete with sample answers if 
you can't think of any of your own)

Curious, George?

"logically unsound; confused and unprincipled; 
unwise to the extreme," Jiang Zemin

Chinese, anyone?



Danger, Will Smith!  Danger!
Danger, Ty Weslie!  Danger!

now achieving critical mass!
You have until Stardate 2001 09 28
to attain minimum safe distance!
Party like it's 2001!


...and we always thought 
he walked on it!



All artwork contributed.  
Does not necessarily represent the opinion of the webmaster. 
(The lawyers made me say that).  
Please submit suitable caption for chance 
to win free admission to Free Scout Reunion.  
What!  Did you think we were doing this for our health?



Oh, Oh.
(Not you Kip, Jenna).
Better "bone" up.

We'll see you September 28th at Jimbo's!
None of that commie Canadian beer for me!

You senile old slacker, Jesse!  
Get with it.

(Send your regards)


Are you really, really sure that you want to
invite him over for the game and a beer?

Another Homecoming

Thank you.  Thank you very much.