Campus Tour

Engineering Building Garden

Some Campus History and an Introduction to Clarence Johnston's Architecture

Stop 1 
The Mall, 1911
“Shelter from the Wind”

Stop 2
Multi-Ethnic Resource Center (Music Hall, Indian School Boys’ Dormitory), 1899, 1921
“A Rare Artifact”

Stop 3
Education Building (Infirmary), 1924
“Epidemics and an Infamous Prank”

Stop 4
Spooner Hall (Boys’ Dormitory), 1913
“Dorm Living Was a Great Thing”

Stop 5
Blakely Hall (Senior Hall), 1920
“Rifle Shots in the Basement”

Stop 6
Behmler Hall (Dining Hall), 1918
“Dinner and Dancing”

Stop 7
John Q. Imholte Hall (Agricultural Hall), 1921
“A Palace for Cows”

Stop 8
Saddle Club Barn (Cattle Barn), 1914
“Your Horse Can Live on Campus, Too”
8.a. Seed House (Storage Building), 1929

Stop 9
Welcome Center (Engineering), 1915
“A Model of Energy Efficiency”

Stop 10
Camden Hall (Girls’ Dormitory), 1912
“An Identical Twin—Until It Burned”

Stop 11
Pine Hall (Junior Hall), 1926
“Plain Rafter Tails”

Stop 12
Humanities (Home Economics), 1955
“Home Management and Orphan Babies”

Stop 13
UMM Student Center (Edson Hall), 1959
“A Popular Superintendent”

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