For those of you who haven't heard from me for a while, I'm in Juneau
Alaska, as the Regional Structural engineer for the Alaska region of the
Forest Service (also a Union organizer). I'm including a few pictures from a
previous email I sent out to some other friends so you know what I'm up to.

Good to see all my old Morris friends! Keep in touch!
Been a bit hectic, so I haven't got any messages out. Email isn't working.
Last week was up to Anchorage and Seward. Last weekend, my landlord and I
went out and lifted his crab pots, so have been eating very well. Flew down
to Ketchikan on Monday, but the airport was fogged in so we flew around for
a while, went back to Sitka to fuel up, then back to fly around Ketchikan
for a while then finally flew to Seattle for the night, for about 10 hours
in the air, and then back to Ketchikan the next day. Typical for flying around Alaska.
Ketchikan is the most southern of the Alaska cities and the fifth largest at
about 15,000. Lot of rain and is the center of the Tlinget native culture
famous for their totem and carvings and hospitality. The Alaska native
Americans are generally well off due to the Land settlements and
logging enterprises and there aren't even any gambling casinos!!
Flew around for a couple days on FS Beaver airplanes looking at cabins and log
transfer facilities. Now back to the Juneau office to write reports and review plans.
Enclosed are a few more pictures. The pictures from the air are from the
Beaver. The pictures from the mountain top are looking down on Juneau with
the snowline at about 3,000'. Also a picture of Juneau from the water.
Also, a picture of some houses in Ketchikan. --ART