Getting close now.

Careful, Mike!
Don't try that with Dave.

Mike and some hitchiker he picked up.

All done.  Except for that guy with the camera.

You know where.
Like the back of your hand.

What we came for.
Some of us anyway.

Buck up, JG.
OK, Buckhorn up.

The start.
How far is 5k again?

An AM start.
Always Morris.

So 5k, plenty of time for a walk around campus.

Good timing.

Four years here and I never knew what it spelled backwards.

Missed the finish

Raise your freak flag high.

We have a winner.
Press release elsewhere.

The tree did not run

Mr Dibbs did not run

The tomatoes did not run, being full of lycopenes.

Game on.

Still can't shake that hitch hiker.

Been here, done this.


Meanwhile, somewhere between Herman and Morris...

No, no Mike!
You can stop hitch hiking now.

OK, guys.
Let's all get focused.

Dave!  Look out!

And maybe we should back up a bit, too.

Some Freescouts

Some more Free Scouts

Same, but different.
Freescouts or Free Scouts

And to all a good night.
With a special thanks to James and Char and Jay and Louise.