Gone, but never forgotten...


James Ramsay
1949/12/28 - 2023/09/29

Til the stars fall from the sky


Robert Allan Sater
2015 08 12

1998 11 10


The first Free Scout selfie

the last men standing (or sitting) 2 & 3 of the series


Homecoming 2013

Getting close.  Here are the pix

1,000 Pictures

Running short on words.  Here are the pix

Ride hard


Don't ask, won't tell.  Follow the ride in our new feature in the archives.  Ride Hard!



dj jazzy fritz

Browse over to luradio.ca and stream the feed from Happy Hour.  Mostly jazz, fusion, and world music.  News on the positive side to start the day with.   Let Fritz know you're listening. 

your documents please

Signed virtual first edition of the Peper Lehmberg DC Journal,
November 13 - 17, 1969.  Twenty three pages of gonzo journalism
You had to be there.  Click here to continue.  Sorry I missed it.
Didn't have a date.

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